ASTEC 4000 Zinc

Zinc electroplating has been around for a long time and became very popular as an early replacement for Cadmium and other toxic materials previously used for higher corrosion protection performance. As new and better performing coatings have been developed, standard Zinc still remains a popular option in less demanding environments thanks to its aesthetically bright appearance and relatively lower cost structure. As an electroplated coating, the final product produces a sacrificial layer that will corrode preferentially to the steel substrate. This means that unlike barrier coats, such as paint, the coating can still offer protection following in-service damage.

Key Properties

Alkaline, non-cyanide solution

Low, uniform deposit thickness from 5 microns

REACH compliant

Available in clear, black & gold* finishes

Available on mild and stainless steel substrates

Up to 2.5m in length and 250kg

Available with same day turnaround

Whisker free

Key Benefits

Good corrosion protection

Bright aesthetic appearance

Good coverage

Uniform coating deposit

Good ductility for post bending and crimping

Relatively lower costs

Good thermal stability

Industry Applications






Renewable Energy



General Engineering



Other frequently requested processes

Zinc Flake

Zinc Flake

Zinc Flake is a high end sacrificial corrosion protection coating, however one which offers a number of significant characteristic that electroplating cannot

Tin Zinc

Tin Zinc

Tin Zinc is a very unique, high performance corrosion protection coating that offers a number of special characteristics and properties

Zinc Nickel

Zinc Nickel

Zinc Nickel is the high end corrosion protection finish of the electroplated coatings. Designed as a highly functional coating to offer superior levels of corrosion resistance in increasingly demanding environments