Our values decide our character

Our character decides our value

Our Core Commitments

To Our Customers

We strive to provide industry leading performance in quality and service. Supplying both functional and aesthetic product through a service supported with open and honest communication.

To Our Suppliers

We understand that their quality and reliability is directly linked to our success.  By continually monitoring performance, communicating and co-operating we forge stronger business partnerships.

To Our Employees

We recognise that their commitment and competence secures our success. We motivate staff by providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment where personal performance is developed, recognised and rewarded.

To Our Shareholders

We validate their trust by striving continually for greater economic success, profitability and company growth.

To Our Society

We are committed to operating and continually monitoring our business activities with a clear understanding of our social and moral responsibilities to protect the well-being of our local environment and people.

To Our Legacy

We endeavour to leave a better place than the one we inherited. By developing character and values we create better people and new leaders, those who then make for a better business and wider society, both now and for the future.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Respect, Trust, Loyalty, Integrity and Enjoyment

Deliver a ‘wow’ service

In everything we do exceed expectations. Go over and above the normal to delight the people we come in to contact with.  Whether face to face or on the telephone, a customer, a supplier or a co-worker, make the experience a unique one that leaves a smile on the face.

Create fun and a positive team spirit

If you don’t enjoy it, change it. Life is to short. We all want to come to work and leave work with a smile. Having enjoyed our time and in the knowledge that our contribution was necessary and valued. Whenever we interact we do so in a positive manner, employing humour and encouraging others to follow suit.

Build strong long-lasting relationships, internally and externally

Long term success must come from mutually beneficial partnerships throughout our supply chain and business. We expect our customers to enjoy dealing with us, safe in the knowledge that our service and quality are paramount.  In return they accept that ultimately we, like them, are in business to make money.  As a customer to our suppliers we impart the same. We are all greater together.

Innovate and grow

We don’t stand still, we embrace change and challenge. We listen to our suppliers, customers and people to ensure we remain market leaders in both our processes output and scope. We relish the projects other find too hard, impossible and/or too awkward.  If a customer needs a solution….’no problem’.

Incentivise the motivated

We recognise and value those that join us and share our values and commitment. We commit to identify, recognise and reward those that continue to excel.  For those people are ultimately the ones that make our business a success.

Uphold and protect our culture, values and character

Our values and commitments are non-negotiable. In the same vein as we recognise and reward those that excel, we will not suffer those that do not share or uphold our culture. One team, with one dream.

Our values decided our character, our character decides our value

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